Port St. Joe report from Capt. Jordan Todd

Summer time is perfect for a little combination fishing. Spinning reels and fly rods all in the same day.  Early mornings are great for some topwater spin fishing. The first two hours of daylight are best for picking up some big speckled trout and redfish on your favorite topwater plug. As the sun gets up and temperatures rise. Put down the spin tackle and grab either an eight weight or twelve weight fly setup. Late mornings and afternoon when visibility is best means it's time to target some triple tail and tarpon. Our migration is best during June, July and August for both species. Look for triple tail around structure or floating debris while your cruising to your favorite tarpon hole. Summer makes for a great time to target multiple species of fish and using a variety of methods to catch them.


Capt. Jordan Todd                             

"Saltwater Obsessions" 

Logan Roberts
Logan Roberts