Tailers in the Rain

After a long weekend, Capt. James Newman and myself, made plans to scope out the early flood tide since it was trending high. Coming over the Ravenel Bridge there were black skies with thunder and lightning going off everywhere-not ideal fishing conditions to say the least. After sitting at the ramp for 15 minutes staring at the glitchy cell phone weather radar, we decided to stick our nose out in the Harbor and take a peak. It was black over Morris and even worse towards the Wando. Easy decision to be made... head up the intercoastal where it looked relatively clear. 

With a slight drizzle we pulled up to a small flat off a feeder creek and bam we had a tail waiving. Over the next two hours we watched fish ease up on the flat and dump right off the other side without much digging more just checking things out. We stuck three on the fly, picking them off as they came across the flat acting more like floaters than tailors. 

Highlight of the trip was while poling out after we had called it a night, we spotted one more fish behind us and decided we had to check it out. After three or four casts right on the fish's nose, the water finally dropped out from under the fly and the redfish crushed it. Peeling line we realized this was no slot fish. After three runs and some havoc boat side, I pulled in James' 33 inch red, his personal goal for the summer. This fish was a beast, and strong as hell. His faced was all scarred up and was drumming like crazy. 

After snapping some pictures and gawking at its size we released the beast we named "Shredder".

I have always had great success with tailing fish when it was raining due to I'm sure cooler water, cloud cover and maybe even less boat traffic. Whatever the reason it is worth getting off your couch on those drizzling days and sticking your nose out there. 


Logan Roberts
Logan Roberts