MWC Welcomes the Next Generation of Anglers

MWC owner logan roberts fishing on folly beach with his grandfatherMWC founder Logan Roberts learning the tools of the trade from his grandfather,
Pete Spell, at the old marina on the Folly River circa 1993.


A recurring trend among MWC Ambassadors recently caught my eye and got me thinking ahead. Our Ambassador’s willingness and eagerness to teach the next generation of anglers the skills to become experienced fishermen one day - just like we all were once taught by those we look up to - has me excited for the future here at Marsh Wear. I can personally say that there are few happenings in the angling world that are more fulfilling than witnessing the look on a new young angler's face when they snag their first trophy or begin their quest to cast the perfect loop. The sheer excitement and look in their eyes only confirms that you have just introduced someone to a lifelong hobby that they too will one day pass along.

Check out some of the next generation of anglers out on the water with some of the Marsh Wear Ambassadors.


Logan Roberts
Logan Roberts