Fresh New Hats, Old School Inspiration

As you all probably know by now, family means a lot to us here at Marsh Wear. Logan was introduced to the angling world by his grandfather, Pete Spell, when he was only a few years old and hasn't stopped thinking about the water since. From the time he launched Marsh Wear Clothing in 2010 he has wanted to show some love for the family and friends that have supported his dream since day one, and what better way than naming a few of the fresh new hats in the fall line after the people that made them classics. Back when hats were not so much about fashion and style and were known more for being a necessity out on the water and a fisherman’s good luck charm. What we wanted to do was bring back that go-to hat for being on the water all day, without sacrificing style, of course.

Check out each out our new hat collections inspired by Captain Roberts’ family and friends:

One of the more versatile hats in our new fall line, 'The Sirisky' is a classic, perfect for travel or kicking back. Named after one of Capt. Roberts' fishing mentors who was taken from us too early, Jack Sirisky, who knew the Charleston Jetties like the back of his hand - a sea trout master. He taught Logan how to be adaptable to any fishing situation, just like this new hat. While it is named after a person close to Logan, the laid back style was inspired by a place special to him as well, the Sunset Cay Marina on the Folly River.

Not named after immediate family, but close enough. Capt. Roberts' great Uncle's best fishing partner, Harold Butt, was a man with fishing skills and the swagger to match. Known for his man cave at the Charleston City Marina, Butt's Inn (no, really..) was a place guys could get together to talk fishing, share stories and have a stout drink. 

Named after Capt. Roberts' Great Grandfather, Herman Rouse, an avid sportsman who told stories of redfish so big they had scales the size of silver dollars. Known for his attention to detail, Herman would hand make cast nets and his famous bottom rigs for fishing the Georgetown jetties. The 'Herman' hat is no different in its understated attention to detail with its unique combination of corduroy and leather.

Along with these new favorites, we also have released a few new styles for our ‘Sunrise Tailer’ Collection!

Logan Roberts
Logan Roberts