The 'Salty Fly' T-Shirts Are Here

Our latest Artist Angler East Coast Cotton T-Shirt are in and, trust us, it was well worth the wait. The design comes courtesy of Shawn Bichsel, one of the newest contributors to the series.

Shawn's designs are inspired by his passion for fly fishing. A self-described “Nonconformist / Geospatial Practitioner / Fly Fisher," Shawn's not your average outdoorsman. He seeks out those places you would never think to look for and uses flies you would never think to fish with. His passion for unique flies is the inspiration behind his design for MWC: The 'Salty Fly' T-Shirt.

The 'Salty Fly' is a clean and classic design showing Shawn's love for feather chunking. The design was inspired by the Clouser fly, probably the most versatile fly ever created. It was made famous by Bob Clouser, a legend in the fishing world and all around great guy.


'The Salty Fly' is part of our East Coast Cotton T-Shirts collection and is available in both long and short sleeves.

Logan Roberts
Logan Roberts