Ride the Tide: Inside the Studio of Tyler Hackett, Artist Angler Series®

We are excited to add a super talented new artist to our Artist Angler Series®. Tyler Hackett is known for his very rad and unique style which has separated him from the pack of ever growing artists in the angling community. 
To me, making handmade art through traditional, “old-school” printmaking processes is important. The process serves to remind me, through its thoughtful repetition, requisite patience and well earned rewards, of time spent on the water, throwing flies."  -Tyler
 Take a look a look at some of the detailed and time consuming steps that go into these one of kind pieces that he has created for our Spring collection.
Winged Stallion:
The Horsefly is known by all inshore anglers and are a constant battle. Whether your technique is the hat smack or hand slap, you better be quick.

Bow Dancer

No matter if it is your first redfish on the fly or you’re a seasoned guide the feeling and excitement never gets old. Till the end of our days we will always feel like dancing holding up a redfish into the sun.










Logan Roberts
Logan Roberts