Ambassadors: Get ‘Em While They’re Hot - Fall Red Action

The fall season throughout the southeastern portion of the United States is a favorite time of year for just about any fisherman you talk to.  There are vast amounts of species that are skirting up and down the coast, ambushing menhaden and mullet as they please.  Here in North Carolina, the fall brings great inshore and nearshore fishing for False Albacore, Speckled Trout, Flounder, King Mackerel, and Red Drum, to say the least.  With this being said, I have found my clients mostly interested in the largely growing Bull Red Drum fishery.  

mwc ambassador wolfe with redfish in performance shirt

We have many structures and artificial reefs immediately off the Cape Fear coast, which provide homes for many bait fish and crustaceans. Structure and bait is nothing short of the perfect recipe for these massive 40 to 50 inch Reds. Fishing for these fish is somewhat different than fishing in the marshes for the smaller fish. Instead of an electric fight that pulls away from you in 2 feet of water, these fish dig deep into the bottom structure in order to break you off. Heavy line--up to a 50 lb. braid--is necessary when fishing these spots. The same goes for fluorocarbon leader. The classic Carolina Rig with either a chunk of mullet or spot is the most common for big Red Drum fishermen. It’s a great way to entice these world-class fish.

There are only a few months out of the year that you can catch these fish in the Carolinas, so when that time comes, it is all out. There is nothing like seeing a person’s expression when lifting these beasts out of the water. I still remember the first time I experienced it, so I know exactly how others feel. It is a craze when the fishing is hot, just like any other kind of fishing that takes place. The “Bull Run” is just one of the exciting fishing experiences the southeast has to offer. I just thank God for having the opportunity to experience the fishery. Winter is around the corner so until then, get ‘em while they’re hot.

Logan Roberts
Logan Roberts