Ride the Tide: How to Tie A “No-Name” Fly

There are things that I know and things that I think I know. For example, I know that I didn’t create this pattern in it’s entirety so I claim no credit–I’ve been told countless times that everyone seems to have tied one relatively similar at some point– but I’d like to think that a few simple modifications I made helped make this fly be a more effective pattern for targeting Redfish in the Lowcountry. I was first introduced to this type of pattern by Capt. Evan Merrill, but ask any company I fish with, the “No Name” pattern is single handedly a staple of my fly box. It’s often tied with different weights for different fishing situations.

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"No Name" Fly Recipe

Hook: Gamakatsu SC15 1/0 
Thread: Danville's 210 Denier Flat Waxed Nylon (Black) 
Tail: Magnum or Regular Rabbit Strip (Black) 
Weight: Medium Plated Dumbbell Eyes 
Body: EP Tarantula Hairy Legs Brush 1 Inch (Purple/Black) 
Guards: 40lb Monofilament Fouling Guard and 40lb Monofilament Weed Guard

Place a hook in the vise. Wrap a layer of thread on the shank. Attach desired weighted eye near the eye of the hook. Finally, take 40lb monofilament fouling guarding and tie it in a loop off the bend of the hook.
no name fly how to step 1

Cut either a Magnum or regular sized rabbit strip and tie it on top of the fouling guard.
no name fly how to step 2

Either create a dubbing loop or split your thread and split a section of rabbit strip in between your loop or thread. Cut the strip off leaving only the hair.
no name fly how to step 3

Spin the bobbin causing the rabbit to twist and bunch together.
no name fly how to step 4

Wrap the collected rabbit on the shank. Palmer the material back as you advance your thread forward.
no name fly how to step 5

Tie in an EP Tarantula Hairy Legs Brush 1” wide in the black with purple legs. Advance your thread forward. Stop behind the eyes.
no name fly how to step 6

Similar to Step Five, palmer the material back as you advance the brush towards your eyes. Tie off the brush once you reach the dumbbell eyes. *Remember, EP brushes are extremely buoyant so wrapping the brush sparingly will help the fly sink a lot better.
no name fly how to step 7

Tie in a 40lb monofilament weed guard. Whip finish. Add epoxy to complete the fly.
no name fly how to step 8

Kyler Gartner of Charleston, SC is a fly fishing enthusiast and brand ambassador for Marsh Wear clothing.
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Logan Roberts
Logan Roberts