Ride The Tide: Inside Scoop on New Artist Angler Dylan Drebitko

We would like to welcome Dylan Drebitko to our Artist Angler Series® family. We have been big fans of Dylan's work for some time and were stoked to have him create our 'Big Nasty' Black Drum design.


Dylan's Background:

At 22 years old Dylan Drebitko guided in Colorado in the Rawah Wilderness for 2 years before moving to Belize as a second hand to Lincoln Westby for Blue Horizon. Art came with photography through the years as he witnessed different locations and the beauty of the fish pursued with a fly rod. 


Why the Design:

The Black Drum is basically the ugly cousin to the Redfish. It doesn't get the attention it deserves. Why? We personally have no idea. They are just as fun to catch and can be found anywhere from tailing on the flats chasing shrimp to sucking down big crabs on the surf. So we created this shirt to show the Black Drum the recognition it deserves. 



Logan Roberts
Logan Roberts