College Ambassador Program

About the Program

Marsh Wear is an innovative, Charleston-based brand designed for an active lifestyle on the water. Reflecting the passion of its creators, the clothing is not only high quality but also conducive to the needs of any new age fisherman or outdoor enthusiast. Marsh Wear is seeking college students to dedicatedly represent the company while fulfilling all the criteria necessary to promote the brand around their respective campuses. With the program, Marsh Wear hopes to appeal to a younger market using social media, showcases, events and other campus-related activities to promote the brand. If you are a motivated student with a solid work ethic and strong communication skills, this is the job for you. The program is a great way to gain sales, marketing, and promotional experience, makes a perfect addition to your resume, and lastly, is a fun way to earn some free clothing from your favorite brand!


Ambassadors will be expected to

  1. Identify the best ways to represent the brand on your campus
  2. Promote to local retailers consistent with the values and style of Marsh Wear
  3. Provide innovative input and new ideas for future products and designs
  4. Distribute Marsh Wear gear to appropriate, high-value representatives that will further awareness of the brand and all it has to offer
  5. Schedule and run promotional events in and around your campus aimed at both selling the brand and spreading overall awareness
  6. Compose emails to inform the MWC team of sales, recent promotional events and efforts to spread the word


    1. Free products to wear as advertising tool
    2. 30% off of all Marsh Wear purchases
    3. Work experience and resume builder


      If you are interested in joining Marsh Wear's College Ambassador Program you can download our application.

      *Please send all applications to