Dirtbikes, Skurfing, and Sunday Shenanigans


Our founder, Logan Roberts, has had a vision in his head for 3 years now. A vision that awakes him in cold sweats in the middle of the night dreaming about what could be...

He'd been dreaming about getting towed through a drainage ditch, riding a wakeboard, behind a horse at full gallop. But unfortunately, finding a horse and owner interested in towing Logan through a puddle proved to be easier said than done.


If there's one thing our friend Josh is good at, it's making sh** happen. He's one of those fellas that seems to be able to procure anything and find anyone willing to participate in even the craziest ideas. Foregoing the absolute absurdity of trying to procure a horse, he pivoted and instead found us a dirtbike, a couple boats, and a few more pals crazy enough to give it a go.


Let's not be shy about it here. We found THE PERFECT BIKE: The 1987 Yamaha BW350.


Powered by a 4-stroke single-cylinder 350cc engine and sitting on fat tires between 23 & 25 inches, what this bad boy lacks in power it fully makes up for in "adventure-ability".


Now, how to get it to a sandbar? Airlift it? Probably a bit out of budget, so we had to settle for skiffin' her over. Fear ran high as we wheeled the bike down the ramp to the patiently waiting flats skiff. Would we lose our grip and let the bike fall into the murky Beaufort, SC waters? Would it tip over and wreck the fiberglass on Logan's skiff? Or would it nestle nicely between the offset console and the gunnel? We got lucky this time!


We found our way out to the sandbar with little to no issues (which is downright impressive for a Marsh Wear "photshoot"). We met up with friend and full-time fishing guide, Kai Williams, since he had the day off. A little known fact about Kai is that he can absolutely SHRED. So, Kai was the perfect test dummy for our shenanigans and first to bat.


Honestly, this is one of those moments where it's best to keep these keyboard tappin' fingers quiet and let the images do the talking.

Sold out

Kai's rocking our Costal Cowboy t-shirt, a unique design created by our friend Tyler Hackett of Wandering Blue Lines.


Getting a dirtbike onto a sandbar doesn't happen every day. Let alone getting one on a sandbar that has just enough drop off to, let's say, race a skiff against the dirtbike down the beach?


After everyone got a round on the board and multiple successful runs down the sandy stretch, we moved the dirt bike to a slim stretch of send with a deeper flow of water next to it, perfect for getting the skiff up to speed.



While there was no clear winner to the race of the decade (it was the bike), good times were definitely had all around.

When it was time to head back, it was accompanied by lighter coolers and bigger smiles.


And while shenanigans were had and the dirtbike had a whole lot more sand in the gas tank than previously anticipated, we still found a little time to catch a few skiff wakes on the way in.



It feels good to cut loose every once and awhile. We're all working, watching the news, caring for our families, and all the odds and ends that come with life. Hell, sometimes even hobbies, like fishing, can start to feel tedious. And every once and a while, it feels all around right to break from the norm and do something fun, goofy, and maybe a little bit dangerous!


So, consider this are Oath To The Sunday Shenanigans. A series of good times that have to do with all that is irreverent and nothing that's too serious. These shenanigans may not happen every week or every month well hell, they may not even happen on a Sunday at all! — but we can guarantee they'll be entertaining and they're bound to blow off some steam!


We'll see y'all again soon for the next round of Sunday Shenanigans.