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Cape Lookout, NC

From albies to nunchucks.
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Winter is Coming.

Stay warm with new cold-weather products.
New Arrival

The Sullivan Hoodie

The perfect all-day layering piece.
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Comfort is key

The Westerly Flannel
New Arrival

The Layover Fleece

For long travel days to cool skiff runs.


Seeded by heritage, fed by the glory of an incoming tide, and harvested with our very senses; the marsh inspires all that we create.

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Gifts for the fisherman that'll keep them on the water longer.
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For The
Gifts that'll keep the hunter looking good in the stand or field.
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Keep your surfer looking the best in the lineup.
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There's more where that came from

Shop all our Holiday gift options here.

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The Sullivan Hoodie
Cold weather activities have met their match with this unique baffle fabric fleece; born to be the perfect layering piece or as the ideal standalone fleece jacket.
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Camo, all ways

If camo is what you want, we got the supply. Whether you're sitting in the duck blind with grandpa or at the barstool with friends, our mallard camo will feel right at home with it's vintage look available in modern, comfortable styles.

Who We Are

Marsh Wear began tucked away in the attic of a small Charleston rental home. It was a family affair featuring hand tied hangtags by grandpa, folded product by grandma, as well as a revolving door of other characters. 

Back then fresh ideas and all that made the brand special was fueled by pluff mud, fiddler crabs, and tailing redfish. And while the breadth of our pursuits, and in turn our products, have grown since then, it's that same feeling of being out there in the thick of it that fuels us. 

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