New Collab

Marsh Wear x Arcade Belts

Fulton Volley
Introducing a fresh take on our classic volley short. We can promise you'll never want to take these off.
Marsh Wear

Featuring vintage-style duck camos from days past to funky new leaf camos and more, there's a camo in here for every occasion.

New For Spring

Marsh Wear Women

This is the beginnings of a product line made for the wave chasin', fish wranglin', road ramblin' woman. We're excited for what's to come and we're stoked to have you along for the ride.

Who We Are

Marsh Wear began as a family affair tucked away in the attic of a small Charleston rental home. Back then fresh ideas and all that made the brand special was fueled by pluff mud, fiddler crabs, and tailing redfish. And while the breadth of our pursuits, and in turn our products, have grown since then, it's that same feeling of being out there in the thick of it that fuels us. 

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