Rooted In the Marsh

Our home, here in Charleston, SC, has inspired us in more ways than one. Hard lessons learned on falling tides and knee-deep in sticky pluff mud have taught us that the best things come when earned and you get out what you put in. These same truths influence the clothes we create for your adventures.

The Mallard Camo

A camo that started it all. Conceived from an amalgamation of vintage camouflages from previous generations, our Mallard Camo harkens back to the classics but with a modern twist. While we've expanded our camouflage offerings since then, it remains a staple in our lineup.

It's "Lowcountry".

Let's start with the basics: it's spelled Lowcountry, not Low Country. Traditionally considered to be the land, marshes, and waterways between the Savannah and Ashley Rivers; Southerners will debate the exact boundaries until the end of time. We figure that when you push off into the marsh and feel that salt air on the breeze, it gets you to where you're trying to go either way.

The Early Days

Marsh Wear was founded in 2010, tucked away in the attic of a small Charleston rental home. It was a family affair featuring hand-tied hangtags by grandpa, folded and ironed products by grandma, accounting by mom, and a revolving door of other characters. 

Back then fresh ideas and all that made the brand special were fueled by pluff mud, waving fiddlers, and tailing redfish. And while the breadth of our pursuits, and in turn our product line, have grown since then, it's that same feeling of being out there in the thick of it that fuels all that we do.