Marsh Hen Hunting in the Lowcountry

Fall is a special time in the Lowcountry when cooler air and water temps bring about a variety of sportsman opportunities. One of the most unique is the revered marsh hen season. Diehards eagerly wait all year for their two windows (October 6–10 and November 3–January 6) to hunt these birds.

There are four species of marsh hens that we find in the Lowcountry: King, Clapper, Sora and Virginia. These birds are best targeted during above average high tides that force them out of their normal habitats. The excitement of a marsh hen flushing out of the grass while poling your friend over a flat is truly addicting. The early season also presents the opportunity for a "Cast and Blast" where you can fish for tailing redfish and hunt marsh hens in the same session.

See you out there!

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