Marsh To Table

When we pulled into the Sol Legare boat ramp to meet the Bierce brothers, we were not sure what the day had in store for us. All we had heard was these salty brothers were growing some of the most sought-after oysters in the Lowcountry.

Peter & Thomas Bierce


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Charleston Oyster Farm serves to bring you fresh, local and salty raw oysters by harvesting the taste of Lowcountry Culture and delivering them to your dock or doorstep with a marsh to table approach. As the first oyster farm in the City of Charleston, South Carolina, our mission (besides rejuvenating your taste buds) is to promote healthy ecosystems, environmental awareness, and local mariculture, while restoring the ever-fading working water front along the Southeast. As the market demands more and more single oysters, wild oyster populations face stress to satiate the local palate, and seafood continues to be imported. By farming a local, fantastically flavored, sustainable salty single, Charleston Oyster Farm hopes to decrease this stress on the environment and encourage mariculture operations throughout the Lowcountry.


Hand selecting their famous Perky Sea Cups and Mosquito Fleet Petites.