SC Duck Hunting

Duck hunting has always been an important part of our collective experience in the outdoors here at Marsh Wear. Growing up crawling through the mud and building blinds in Lowcountry marshes has given us a real appreciation for quality gear in the field. When it comes to making clothing, like our Mallard Camo Rutledge Jackets and Vests, we understand what you need to stay comfortable when that temperature gets oh-so-cold just after sunrise.


Over the holidays, we got with our buddies, Captain Josh and Captain Jake, during a few days off from guiding to have a little fun mucking around in the marsh and nabbing a few birds along the way. But first thing's first, we have to build that blind...

Josh and Logan load pallets into the jon boat to act as the base of the blind (and provide a break from the knee deep mud).

Chicken wire and old palm fronds provide the cover to keep the crew hidden while hunting.

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It's no secret that duck hunting happens early. As in, "why'd I even go to sleep?" early. A thermos of coffee, bundling up to keep the cold off, and a healthy dose of complaining tends to do the trick...

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From a blind to wait it out in to clothes that keep you hidden, one necessity when it comes to duck hunting is camoflauge. And when it comes to camo clothes, we definitely have the supply. Got the itch for a camo of the old school variety? Scratch it with our Mallard Camo product line.

Good friends, a few birds, and a couple of morning beers when the coffee doesn't quite cut it, sure can do a lot for one's mental state. So, if that office phone keeps on ringin' now through the end of January, you know where to find us.


'Til next time folks!