Tyler Hackett: Artist and Angler

Meet Tyler.

Also known under the monicker Wandering Blue Lines, Tyler has been creating unique woodblock-style prints of the fishy variety for quite some time now. Tyler draws much of his inspiration from the outdoor pursuits he enjoys in and around his hometown of Salt Lake City — especially fly fishing — and from travels around the world. 

Tyler has been creating fresh, unique designs for Marsh Wear for a few years now and we're proud to feature several of his prints on t-shirts, button downs, and more. We caught up with Tyler to learn a little bit more about his process and what makes him tick as an artist and an angler.

Tyler's process sounds simple enough on the surface, but the end result is anything but that. He starts every print with a pencil drawing that is then transferred to a wood block, or as he calls them, "plates." Once transferred, he begins carving with a specialized set of tools. Tyler explains, "I basically carve away all the areas of the drawing that I don't want to print, these areas will remain whatever the color the paper I am printing on is. Once the carving is complete I am able to roll out some ink with a big rubber roller which can then be used to transfer in to the carving surface." He then proceeds to place a piece of paper over the ink and carving and runs it through a flatbed printing press (or he can print by hand), which creates the final print.

"I have always been fascinated by fish, and am particularly inspired by old scientific illustrations of fish."

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Our new Hagood Shirts feature Tyler's iconic woodblock style in a repeating bonefish pattern.

Ask any artist what one of the more difficult parts of their process is and you'll undoubtedly learn that finding inspiration is a key to success, but also a difficult one to come by. Tyler finds inspiration for his work from all over. As an angler, he gets inspired by species of fish he pursues, and says he's, "particularly inspired by old scientific illustrations of fish." He also finds plenty of inspiration in vintage outdoor artwork and illustrations and says he loves the hand drawn or painted style of work from the 40's, 50's, and 60's.

When Tyler's not creating unique designs for his own shop or for brands, like us, you can still find him toiling in the shop with passion projects. If you gave Tyler the choice, there's one thing that stands out above the rest that he likes to create: posters. More specifically, posters sized and designed to look like the covers of outdoor magazines. With Tyler's unique style and talent, there's no surprise that he's a highly sought after artist that creates some of our favorite Marsh Wear designs every season!

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Kickin' the funk into high gear, Tyler plays on the whimsical side with a coastal cowboy and his trusty steed.

Interested in seeing more of Tyler's work? You can follow along on Instagram at @wanderingbluelines.


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