Slacktide Sessions: Susto

Good Music. Good Views. Good Folks.

We've always found inspiration for Marsh Wear in music that we love. Creating an outlet where we could get together to celebrate good music with great company, beautiful views, and a few cold ones, seemed like a must.

Introducing the first of the Slacktide Sessions, featuring Justin Osborne and Marshall Hudson of Susto!

Meet Justin Osborne.

Justin is the founder of Susto. Based out of North Charleston, SC, his music focuses on the lyrical narrative of his life and experiences. Founded while living in Havana, Cuba, his music features a mix of Southern Gothic and Psychedelia with a little Cuban flare thrown in. In addition to music, Justin is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys crabbing in his spare time.


Meet Marshall Hudson.

Marshall is a man of many talents. Along with being the drummer and percussionist for Susto, Marshall is a skilled oil painter and a gifted designer.

In fact over ten years ago, Marshall designed the original Marsh Wear logo that's stood the test of time to this day!



A big shout out to the Downstream Media crew for making this happen and to Marshall for designing the Slacktide Sessions logo. Stay tuned for more to come and if you're on Youtube hit that subscribe button to get first access!