Dillon Tucker Blythe

(Grey Ghost Charters)

Captain Tucker Blythe was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. His love of fishing began at an early age learning how to fool mountain trout with a fly rod. As a teenager he began fishing the North Carolina and South Carolina coastline and found a new passion. The Salt.

After graduating the College of Charleston with a Biology degree he traveled around the country learning new and exciting fisheries. He now resides in James Island, SC and pursues many of the different species along the South Carolina coast.

Among these species, his favorites are the redfish, speckled trout, sheepshead, spadefish, bonnet head shark, tarpon, spanish mackerel and cobia. He is constantly trying to figure out new and old tricks to put fish in the boat.

Capt. Brandon Keck

(Southern Fly Expeditions)

Capt. Brandon Keck is the owner of Southern Fly Expeditions based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Specializing in fly and light tackle sight-fishing charters for Redfish, Black Drum, Jack Crevalle, Sheepshead, and other species, Southern Fly Expeditions caters to novice and experienced anglers from around the world providing world-class fishing in a world-class fishery. Capt. Brandon was born and raised in Louisiana, aka Sportsman's Paradise, and has lived his life spending every chance he had on the water or in the woods enjoying what "Mother Nature" has to offer. He is very passionate about wildlife and the environment in which we all live and does everything he can to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible.

"I urge you to come experience what Louisiana has to offer and allow me to share my passion with you. If you've been here and experienced it before then you know exactly why you have to come back. Every day is an adventure and you never know what you will experience." - Capt. Brandon

"I'm excited to be associated with a company whose mission is more than just making a profit." - Capt. Brandon

Capt. Jordan Todd

(Owner of Saltwater Obsessions)

Specializes in inshore fishing, from stalking trout and redfish on the shallow grass flats and oyster bars, to targeting tarpon and triple tail in the passes and near shore beaches around Port St. Joe, FL. Also know as Capt. Tuna.

"Marsh wear is an awesome new brand. The shirts and hats are super comfortable, very affordable, and serve every fisherman's desire when it comes to performance fishing gear. They're quick drying, which keeps you cool on the hottest days, and they simply look great. Their buffs are extremely breathable when worn. And do not smother you like a lot of others might. The logo is nothing but eye catching and Marsh wear's company motto fits a true saltwater fishing lifestyle. This company is heading in the right direction and I can't wait to see what's next." - Capt. Todd

Christian Wolfe

(Seahawk Inshore Fishing Charters)

Being born and raised in Wilmington, North Carolina I was taught the lifestyle of a waterman very quick. At an early age I was driving the boat, backing the trailer down, or doing whatever needed to be done in order to be on the boat as fast as possible. With the help of my dad, I became obsessed with the water and also the art of fishing. Growing up I spent countless hours learning spots and techniques from him and that eventually led me to doing things on my own. In 2006 my father switched professions from commercial fishing to charter fishing and that’s when I realized that I had a career lined up right in front of my eyes. So after my college baseball career ended in the summer of 2014, I immediately went to school for my captain’s license and soon after was a licensed fishing guide. Partnering up with Marsh Wear Clothing was one of the best big steps I have made in this journey. I am looking forward to many more years of this relationship with such a premiere business.

Capt. John Mauser

(Tailing Tide Guide Service)

John is a fly fishing and light tackle guide out of Swansboro, North Carolina. He has been fishing the waters of North Carolina for over twenty five years. Although John loves to pursue anything with scales and fins, sight casting to shallow water redfish is his bread and butter. “To me, there is nothing more exciting than stalking and casting to a redfish slowly pushing it's way through ankle deep water.”

“I’m a huge fan of Marsh Wear Apparel. They have killer designs that represent the style of fishing that I do. These are some of the most comfortable shirts I’ve worn, even after a long day on the water. Their hats look cool and fit great, and their buffs are very stretchy and breathable. I’m honored to be a part of the Marsh Wear Ambassador Team, and I’m looking forward to watching the company grow.” – Capt. Mauser

Jarid Malone

(JM Fly Fishing)

Jarid Malone is a full-time fly fishing guide and lifetime resident of the gulf coast. He has devoted the better part of his years to chasing all things that swim and to sharing his experiences on the water with others. From Texas Redfish to Florida Tarpon, Jarid can typically be found on the back of a skiff in some beautiful location, with a smile on his face and loving life.

"Marsh Wear bridges the style gap between what I used to wear while on the water and what I'd choose to put on afterward. With clothing being one of the most basic personal choices that we all make each day, it's nice to have a brand out there that not only understands our love for the water and its culture, but that is also making top-quality apparel that's both functional and versatile."

Madison Wright

With growing up on Isle of Palms, South Carolina, being on the water was a must. Madison grew up fishing with her father in the Intracoastal Waterways, and in the back creeks of Charleston, loading up on redfish and trout. She now lives in the Florida Keys learning the vast area and techniques involved with all the new species both inshore and off. When she doesn't have a fishing rod in hand she can be found spearfishing or finding peace through yoga.

"Stoked to be apart of the Marsh Team as an ambassador down in the Florida Keys."