Artist Angler Series®

We’re all about connecting with people who are just as passionate about the outdoors as we are. So we decided to bring them into the mix by starting our Artist Angler Series. Talented artists have contributed to some of the iconic designs you’ll find on your favorite Marsh Wear gear. Their stories, inspirations and personalities are really what makes the designs come alive. Take a read below and see for yourself!

Richard Blanco

South Florida native Richard Blanco was born in Miami and raised in Northern Palm Beach. Blanco grew up near and in the water fishing, snorkeling, drawing and painting. He graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1996 and has been designing ever since. Lately his work has turned back to an appreciation of the ocean and nature focusing on coastal and fishing themes.

John Coleman

John Coleman is a designer and illustrator working out of San Marcos, Texas who specialized in apparel and logo design. An avid outdoorsman himself (serving as a backpacking guide and a dozen peaks shy of all of Colorado’s Fourteeners), authentic adventure naturally finds its way into his work as he knows his audience well and approaches each design by hand.

Tyler Hackett

Equipped with an ink roller in one hand and a fly rod in the other, Tyler Hackett enjoys creating pieces of art and finding places to drift a fly in and around his home waters of the mountain west. Time spent on the water casting flies relates directly to the time spent in the printmaking studio. Both require patience, thoughtful repetition and attention to detail in pursuit of well-earned rewards.

Ryan Keene

Ryan Keene is a full-time artist living in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania with his wife and two kids. Painting brings him back to the meditations found on the rivers of his youth. He’s still mesmerized by the play of light on water, the mosaics of color in a brook trout and the intricate abstractions of the natural world.

Matthew Stockton

As an avid fly fisherman born and raised in Berkley, Michigan, Stockton’s work centers on the apex fish of the area: gnarly brown trout, teethy musky and brute smallmouth. A hybrid between his roots and “fine art” background from Western Michigan University, Stockton creates artwork that offers an urban take on his love of fish.