Artist Angler Series®

We're all about connecting with people who are just as passionate about the outdoors as we are. So we decided to bring them into the mix by starting our Artist Angler Series. The talented artists featured here contributed to some of the iconic designs you'll find on your favorite Marsh Wear gear. Their stories, inspirations and personalities are really what make their designs come alive. Take a read below and see for yourself!



Richard Blanco

I'm a South Florida native. Born in Miami, raised in Northern Palm Beach. I grew up near & in the water,.. fishing, snorkeling, & sunburnning. I also grew up loving to make art, especially drawing and painting. I think I painted my first canvas when I was about 5 years old. I loved art so much that I ended up formally studying painting & design at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. It was there that I really began to sink my teeth in to art making. I was fortunate enough to walk through the museum daily on my way to classes. Soaking in the great masters and contemporary giants of the art world.

My education sent me down the path of making abstract work, and commercial design. I have been fortunate to have shown my abstract work in numerous galleries. I have also been lucky enough to produce design work for some really great clients.

Lately my work has turned back to the appreciation of the ocean and nature. I've recently jumped into realism (after a long time away from it) focusing on coastal and fishing themes.

Check out Richard's Collection:

Tres Amigos

Casey Underwood

Casey Underwood is a freelance artist, fly tier and fly fisherman currently living and working working out of Seattle, Washington. Originally from California, Casey grew up fly fishing amidst the beauty of the Owens River Valley set within the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range. Over the years, the vastness of the sky, the characteristics of the watershed and the beauty of the trout in the Owens Valley have deeply engrained themselves into Casey's artistic drive and style. In 2014, Casey achieved his BA in Studio Art from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA. While at Westmont, Casey miraculously found the time outside of his studio to meet and woo his wife Dana who now teaches at the elementary school level in the Seattle area. Having moved to the Pacific Northwest within the last year, the Underwoods are enjoying exploring the seemingly endless rivers and creeks that exist amongst the Western Washington landscape and are taking advantage of their proximity to other trout-blessed states and countries in every direction. Casey strives to continue to grow in his artistic maturity while letting every fish, every river and every experience settle as it may into his creative outlook on life.

Check out Casey's Collection:

Roosterfish & Ole Yella

Tyler Hackett

Equipped with carving tools in one hand and a fly rod in the other, I enjoy creating piece after piece of fish art and finding places to drift a fly in and around my home waters of the mountain west. I have been interested in both art and fly-fishing for as long as I can remember, but I am relatively new to combining the two. It all started out occasionally making pieces of fish art for friend’s walls, and has now become a way for me to engage more fully with the fly fishing community, while showcasing my unique view of the beauty and boldness that is fly fishing.

To me, making handmade art through traditional, “old-school” printmaking processes is important. The process serves to remind me, through its thoughtful repetition, requisite patience and well earned rewards, of time spent on the water, throwing flies. When I am not busy making art, or fortunate enough to find myself on the water, I enjoy spending time exploring the outdoors any way I can with my wife and 2 boys.

Check out Tyler's Collection:

Winged Stallion & Bow Dancer

Lance Brandt

From a rainbow trout rising, to an Ozark Mountain sunset, everything in nature is inspiration to me. A Colorado native, now Arkansas resident, I grew up with a love for the outdoors, and it has shaped the art I create on a daily basis. Despite only recently picking up fly fishing , it has become my biggest passion, always exploring new aspects. From fly tying, to rod building, I’ve immersed myself in the fly fishing world, and hope my art conveys that.

I love designing all sorts of fish, and the different landscapes they exist in. Like nature, my art isn’t always clean and perfect, but hopefully displays the grit and feeling of landing that fish you’ve been chasing all morning. When not designing, I can be found sipping coffee riverside, or exploring the Ozarks with my wife and dog.

Check out Lance's Collection:

Lowcountry Red

Nate Karnes

I'd rather be fishing. A phrase on seemingly infinite numbers of signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts and refrigerator magnets. Each time I read that phrase I get a glazed-over look on my face as I think of places I'd like to cast a fly rather than doing whatever it is I'm doing at the moment. Places like the Smoky Mountains where I grew up, or somewhere in the Rocky Mountain range of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming or Montana, or even places near where I live today in Southwest Missouri - like the amazing rivers in Arkansas or even the pond out back. The glazed-over look may only happen for a split second, but when I snap out of it I always say the same thing as I nod my head - "Yup."

What I've found is that I'm not alone. The things I create are for people like us. I create fine art pieces you would be proud to display in your home or office, apparel you love to wear because it fits your style better than anything else you've found, and decals that are fun and look great on your truck, boat or cooler.

Check out Nate's Collection:

Southern Silver


Matthew Stockton

My artwork centers on the apex fish of Michigan with gnarly brown trout, teethy musky, and the brute chunky smallmouth. With my unique graffiti style, I use bold colors and spontaneous lines to create paintings and drawings. While still tying in my roots within my “fine art” background, I create artwork that offers a graffiti urban style combined with my love of fish.

I am one of three artists from Fly2Frame, a collective art group. Fly2Frame is a group in the metro Detroit area. Follow along on the Fly2Frame and my Instagram pages for the latest updates and studio news.

Check out Matthews's Collection:

The Sterling


Andrea Larko

I’ve been drawing since I could hold a crayon and have always found it peaceful to draw and paint. It became more than just a hobby when I decided to go to college for art and although I kick myself now at times for not attaining a degree in a more stable and profitable field, I could not deny my true love for the arts. So I ended up graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY in 2007.

I create art for those who, like me, have a passion for angling. As I swing the fly line hopefully catching more fish than tree branches, my art then takes place on the water instead of a studio.

Check out Andrea's Collection:

Zen Trout


Jonathan Marquardt

I work in several mediums, but one of my favorites is block printing. I use fiberboard blocks covered in linoleum sheeting to make my block prints because linoleum is more pliable and allows for more curving lines. Everyone has done a linoleum carving at some point, usually in grade school. This is a simple medium but it can create some substantial looking prints. When I am in the mood for a physical process, block printing satisfies that need.

Painting and drawing are integral parts of what I do and I fill sketchbooks with what I see around me. Printing, compared to drawing or painting, puts me in a different creative space and forces me to think in a new way about how my work is going to progress.

Check out Jonathan's Collection:

Tidal Red


Ryan Sharpe

I am a pen and ink artist & scrap metal sculptor from Greensboro, North Carolina. I specialize in creating images based around the sport of fly fishing.

Although my art is a secondary job, it is one that I am passionate about. While working as a metal fabricator in 2011, I saw an opportunity to create metal sculptures out of the scraps from the shop, or old material we would have left over from job sites. It was a common occurrence for my supervisors to find me rooting around in the scrap bins on a job site, looking for cool pieces that could be a head, or the body of some creature.

When I am not creating metal art, I am putting pen to paper and creating fly fishing inspired ink drawings.

Check out Ben's Collection:

Pucker Up


Eric Hornung

Describe myself in 25 words or less? Basically, I wake up... Take a deep breath... and don't shut up until I fall asleep.

I have many artistic influences, there are too many artists to name, but above all I am inspired by the lines, colors, shapes and movement of nature.

How do I respond when people roll their eyes at fishing tattoos? If they're not for you thats fine... I think nautical stars and crosses are silly, and I can't draw the grim reaper very well."

Check out Eric's Collection:

Lord of the Fly


Amber Payliss

I am a Graphic Designer living in wonderful Calgary, Alberta. Pretty much all my time when I am not in the office, is spent capturing my experiences in the great outdoors. I have an unhealthy obsession with fly fishing that stems from my days as a little girl spent on the Sheep River with my father. My other half also shares that same obsession, thankfully.

A few other things I love aside from Photography and Fishing? Brendan, My cats, Familia & Friends, Traveling, Dry Flies, Camping, Painting, Coffee, Sea Creatures, Popcorn, Sushi, Nikon, Music (hence the Polar Bear Club name) and anything else that keeps a smile on my face.

Check out Amber's Collection:

Ombre Red


Zane Porter

It amazes me how this all started. But I guess it’s just like any other addiction, one friend starts doing it, some follow, and the next thing you know your hooked. I know one thing, I owe that friend a lot. I never thought getting into this whole thing that it would be something that rules my life. I shortly realized I wanted to be a fishing guide out west and moved to Colorado. With the help of that same friend I found a job. It wasn’t what I expected to be driving almost 2,000 miles to be doing, but I got by. Regardless of how ridiculously awesome the fishing was something about home kept calling my name. I had enough of The West and moved back to SC. High Appalachia, hatches, critters, wild fish, blue lines, high fives, and so much to love. At 22 you start asking yourself questions every young man has, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” The answer was obvious. I want to be a Fly Fisherman.

Check out Zane's Collection:

Tailing Tide

Chance Yarbrough

Chance was born in Waco, Texas. He has always been an avid hunter and fisherman, and has been sketching from a young age. After college, Chance and his wife, Haley, moved to the Texas coast where he began to pursue a career as an artist full-time.

Living, hunting, and fishing in Central and South Texas has given Chance a valuable perspective and has certainly contributed to the quality of his work. It is clear to see Chance's passion for wildlife and the outdoors through his art.

Check out Chance's Collection:

Ole Whiskers

Shawn Bichsel

My current passions are Fly Fishing and the art that its beauty, simplicity and sheer frustration inspires. I’m a self prescribed “Nonconformist / Geospatial Practitioner / Fly Fisher” (not necessarily in that order) … And these things too – I’m a husband to a wonderful wife that allows me to pursue whatever interest I may venture into. A 2 dog dad, one is blind and deaf, but is full of spirit, drive and determination. I’m a non-traditionalist fly fisher, I get outside and wet a fly whenever possible, in places you would never think to look, using flies you would never think to fish. Drawing fish and flies is my outlet, when fly fishing is not an option. I also like to bike, hike, travel, drink Shiner Beer and Dr Pepper, eat fine Texas BBQ and Tex-Mex food and go ramble out “yonder” whenever possible.

Check out Shawn's Collection:

Salty Fly


Dylan Drebitko

At 22 years old Dylan Drebitko guided in Colorado in the Rawah Wilderness for 2 years before moving to Belize as a second hand to Lincoln Westby for Blue Horizon. Art came with photography through the years as he witnessed different locations and the beauty of the fish pursued with a fly rod.

Check out Dylan's Collection:

The Big Nasty