Costa Rica - Kevin Reif

Our buddy Kevin snuck off to Costa Rica with our soon-to-be-released Spring gear in search of good waves and great times.
"I mostly shoot film. Film allows for physicality with my images; memories of a lifetime that can never be digitally lost. It's hard to describe. If you can, get a cheap film camera, go on a trip and take photos you won’t see until they get developed. It takes the instant gratification out of the image and allows you to truly enjoy being in a beautiful place." -Kevin
"Our crew had a blast. Trips to the supermercado to snag cerveza after a long paddle out. Day-to-day life can be hard man. But it’s a whole lot easier knowing you got a group of buddies that care about you and are down for the occasional wild hair surf trip."
A word from the Marsh Wear Team:
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We're not done with Costa yet though...
Inspired by these images and adventure, we decided to follow suit with our own trip down to Costa Rica with some of the crew. Stay tuned for more waves, a cross country trek, and plenty of fishing along the way.